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If you Love beef and like to see that it gets to the people that need it, then do we have a job for you! 

Our engineers have developed driver-less beef delivery coaches! But that doesn't mean it will reach its destination. The forest is crawling with rats and they love beef almost as much as we do.  

YOUR JOB is to slaughter the rascals!

Paint the forest! Make it rain! Bring down the fury of a thousands meat grinders!

Helps us put a smile and a steak in the face of the people. Put on your armor, and venture forth. Protect the beef and garnish the horizon with your valor!

Install instructions

BEEF KNIGHTS : Installation and instructions

Windows Only.

Requires a (WINDOWS) Computer as well as an Android device with the Table Realms App (Download the app from the Google Play Store)

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Extract to your Hard-drive.

3. Launch the BeefKnights.exe within.

4. Scan the QR code on screen, using the Table Realms App.

5. Strap in your nuts and tighten your guts.

The game will start automatically. Use your phone as a controller.


3 additional players can join by scanning the QR code int he corner of your game screen (Apologies for any bugs. I only had one device to test with)


MOVEMENT : Thumb stick is for movement.

RAPID FIRE : Button is for throwing swords. (As many as you like)

HEAVY D : Hold down fire, to charge your AWESOMENESS and then let it rip..

Trouble shooting

if the game glitches out, you can reset the game by pressing R on your computer.

if your mom is yelling at you to go to bed, then press ESC to close the game down.


BeefKnights_Build.zip 19 MB

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