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Mega Girl

A fast paced 2d Action game with circular aiming and retro-fire propulsion.

With this alpha version you can enjoy a quick battle with a wave of robots. Then grab some power-ups to improve your offense and mobility, and get ready for a final showdown with the boss.

I started this project less than a month ago. It is my first serious attempt at making a 2D Game and I'm very happy with the results so far.
Given enough interest and support, I intend to elaborate on this design, and add additional mechanics such as Special Weapons, and Shields.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy this humble offering. Please feel free to send feedback.


Install instructions

This is a Windows Game.

  • Download the ZIP file and extract it to your hard drive.
  • Run the MegaGirl executable.

Keyboard controls :

  • FIRE : Ctrl
  • AIM : Cursor keys/ WASD
  • MOVE : Cursor keys/ WASD
  • JUMP : Space

PS3 Controller is recommended.


MegaGirl ZIP 20160613 49 MB


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New update has been posted!

Contains following changes :

  • - RIGHT SHIFT is also a fire button now

(right ctrl wasn't used because it jams the WASD keys)

  • - MOUSE AIMING! this is set by default...

You can change the sensitivity in the Pause menu (enter)
You can disable mouse aiming in the Pause menu (enter).

You also HAVE to disable mouse aiming if you want to play with a controller.

  • - No more getting stuck on the enemy bots.
  • - Space/ Enter/ LMB - added as selection buttons in the menus

All of these act as SUBMIT buttons now. This is in the Menu pages including PAUSE menu.

But only ENTER/START will bring up a pause menu.

  • - Platforms have been added but you need to power up to reach them.

A new build has been posted to try and resolve a BLANK screen bug on some computers. It also contains a few minor superficial changes.


Really nice start to your game, just a shame the PC keyboard controls are unplayable since RIGHT-CTRL for fire doesnt work.

Thanks man!....
I'll be sure to include the right CTRL as a fire button in the next build....
But if you're using WASD then you can use the Mouse to fire.

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yes I tried that, was difficult. Just now I tried the game, and the problem is aiming. Not fun having to aim with arrow or WASD keys if I have a mouse, and otherwise even if you use all keyboard controls its is very cramped up - I assume this is a symptom of wanting to make the game co-op. I reckon you should first try a few control schemes, and maybe less buttons or different aiming mechanics at least. Maybe snap aiming in a direction like retro games, then you can aim faster but then enemies design may need to be taken into consideration like in contra. Versus auto aiming may again be easier at first, but maybe less controlled feeling you want in terms of prioritising enemies. At the moment I feel a bit overwhelmed with the control scheme, due to jump and aiming up is competing and by splitting it to 2 inputs you added aiming onto 3 more buttons. If it feels great on a controller, consider adding mouse aiming then also. I would also drop the 3rd fire button I see in your control scheme when loading game, I'm sure 2 is enough.

The current layout wasn't due to a coop design... I just naturally coded it to use WASD and Mouse for fire... But I can see why having your hand on the mouse would make you want to use it to start aiming. A few other people have also mentioned the desire to aim with the mouse... I will definitely look into it.

I personally enjoy the aiming and movement being tied to the same control... I guess I'm a sucker for trying to master the conflicting controls. Deciding when to push or let go was a fun part of it for me.

I won't be doing snap aiming or auto aiming.

I'm not sure I understand this point..."and by splitting it to 2 inputs you added aiming onto 3 more buttons." ...Your earlier suggestion is to split the aiming to a separate input, but here you seem to indicate that splitting it up is overwhelming? I'm also not sure what you mean when you say I added aiming onto 3 more buttons. Are you referring to the direction buttons WASD? There really is no other way around that unless I implement the mouse aiming...

The third fire button in the title screen is just a submit button. It is currently mapped to ENTER or START on the controller... Instead of removing that button and limiting it to only the fire button, I would rather add ALL the buttons I can think of. That's because a player would be annoyed if they had to "figure out" which button starts the game. It's a small thing to ad the other buttons. I just haven't gotten around to that yet.

Thanks for all your input though. It's great that you took the time to talk to me about it.

Oh ok, just add mouse aiming for me please.

Sure thing. It'll be in soon. Real soon.
Might need some tweaking though so I'll be happy to get more feedback from you when the time comes :)


I've added Mouse aiming...

You can tweak sensitivity in the pause menu (press enter during gameplay, go to Sensitivity.

Hit Enter until it reaches the desired level. It'll reset back to zero after Max)

Also you can use the Right shift to fire, but I think once you start using mouse, you probably won't need to bother with that option anymore.