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Sourceri is a conceptual game about magic and survival.

You are a young buy that has been spirited away to a monster's land. You have mastered the magical powers of this harrowed place, and now you must find your way past the beast that stands in your way to freedom.

Accreditation :

I (Mathbear) was the artist and developer in this project.

Ivo Sissolak, created the sound effects and music. (The monster sounds are currently placeholders) https://soundcloud.com/mexicanopiumdog

Purpose :

Sourceri is a game we developed as an entry into a month-long Indie Dev Competition.

Our Game Developer Community in South Africa (MakeGamesSA) hosted a one-month competition called COMP-I http://makegamessa.com/discussion/4352/competition...
The theme was mystery.

Install instructions

This is a WINDOWS build.


  • Download the ZIP file.
  • Extract to your hard drive.
  • Execute the Sourcerer.EXE application within.
  • Windows Controller is supported.
  • Press ESC in-game for settings and button layout.

Keyboard layout : (windows controller also supported)

  • Movement - WASD / Cursor Keys
  • Jump - Space
  • Sneak - Left Shift
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Use Feather - Q [Hold]
  • Use Bell - Left Mouse Button
  • User Staff - Right Mouse Button


Sourcerer_Build.zip 65 MB


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Wow! Thanks man!